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Local Quality Wood Pallet

PT. BDA has produced approximately 20,000 pcs of Wood Pallet per month.

Made from various raw materials, sizes, and types, which have been distributed to various customers of PT. BDA within an affordable range, within good local specifications. 

We provide Wooden Pallets accordingly to your needs

Despite being an affordable option of wood pallet, we are still able to provide customized specifications according to your needs! 

This is a perfect solution for LOCAL BUSINESSES to ship all across domestic destinations. 

The only drawback for the local quality is that the woods are Not Food Safe since it is not heat treated. 

Palet Kayu Lokal

Local Quality Specifications: 

  • Material : Any types of Wood

  • All timber to above 20% moisture content

  • Typically used by local businesses to ship their non-food grade goods across domestic destinations. 

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